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Artist Statement

In spring of 2021 I received a diagnosis that turned my world upside down in a single conversation. This conversation would lead to me going down the rabbit hole of the world of western medicine to prepare for not 1, nor 2, but 3 major battles that lay ahead of me. aS i VENTURED THROUGHOUT THIS DARK AND STRANGE WORLD, i COULDN'T HELP BUT FEELING LOST, A LOT LIKE aLICE In Wonderland. COSPLAY SHOOTS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A FAVORITE OF MINE and WHEN MY WORLD SHIFTED i realized quickly THAT THIS PROJECT COULD BE USED AS A POWERFUL OUTLET FOR MY OWN ENERGIES AND THAT OF my MODELS. aLICE, tIME tO tAKE tEA! captures aLICE'S JOURNEY THROUGH WONDERLAND, THE MANY CHARACTERS met AND THE DRAMATIC Choice's faced ALONG THE WAY. Presented with three different teas' that represent three path's that can be taken to possibly get out of wonderland, Alice must decided which is the best way to go to make it home. all the same, no matter which path chosen, Alice will not leave wonderland unscathed. tO MY KNOWLEDGE, THIS IS THE FIRST and only SHOOT OF IT'S KIND. tHIS SHOOT WAS CAST exclusively WITH lgbtquia+ & inter-abled models to portray Alice, Cheshire, The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen and was produced here in Missouri. 
Does Alice make it out of Wonderland? As of now, No. Alice does not, but she does fight for herself and savor every moment she is living that journey.
Alice: Elizabeth Rajchart
Cheshire: Daniel-Chase Pruitt
The Mad Hatter: Emery Rose
The Red Queen: Christina Stephens
Created, directed and shot by:
Sarah Rue of Sarah Rue Photography

Alice, Time To Take Tea

All images are copyrighted material of Sarah Rue. These images may not be used without the expressed consent of the owner under penalty of law.

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