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This is a collection of autobiographical short stories from the first thirty years of my life. Domestic abuse, mental disease, drug addiction, psychedelic exploration, and grief processing steer much of the content. These works mainly represent a personal catharsis that I’ve chosen to share publicly as I’ve reached a turning point in processing my own grief around certain life experiences. While much of this writing process has been focused on my own healing, I sincerely hope these words can be beneficial to others.

This is dedicated to Aiden, Brune and Dunaway.

The ones who saved me.

While this content will never be placed behind a paywall, if you'd like to support my career as an artist, donations are welcome and can be submitted through the following means: 


Venmo: @Sarah-Caitlin-Cone

CashApp: $SarahCaitlinGCone

50% of all money made will be donated to Metro Trans Umbrella Group.

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